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What To Do When Your Laptop Is Showing Signs Of A Virus

Laptops have evolved significantly in the digital age to become one of the most used devices. Considering its extensive use, you would like to have the device in perfect working condition all the time. This implies that you should know when your laptop is about to malfunction.  Your laptop may become unusable due to hardware failure or malware. It makes sense to carry your laptop to the experts for virus removal in Mornington Peninsula. This would be the best option, but there are occasions when a simple fix can be accomplished at home. 

The first step in diagnosing a laptop problem is to identify the issue. Here are some steps that would be helpful to you.

Signs of a virus on your laptop

  • When the battery doesn’t get charged or it drains quickly: One of the most prevalent laptop issues is rapid battery drainage. To find out the issue, you must first determine whether the battery has failed. You can do this by disconnecting it from the laptop and then connecting the charger to the laptop. If the laptop still turns on and functions normally, the issue is most likely with the battery. In this case, simply purchase a new battery for your specific laptop model. In case your battery is draining faster than normal, check out whether you have applications operating in the background. Go to Windows ‘Settings’ and then ‘System’ to see if this is the case. Select ‘Battery use’ from the ‘Battery saver’ menu. This will provide a list of battery-draining apps. If you come across any strange software that shouldn’t be on your computer simply click on it to disable it.
  • When keyboard stops working: Most of the time the laptop keys take a beating, and you can expect it as the first issue. The entire keyboard might not work or just a few keys. Sometimes, it can be simply a type of obstruction. To begin, turn the laptop upside down and lightly shake it to see if it helps to release any dust. If all of the keys are malfunctioning, one of the first things you should look for is broken keyboard drivers. This can be done by heading to Device Manager. If your keyboard icon has a yellow exclamation mark next to it, you’ll need to re-download the essential drivers. If the problem persists, take it to laptop repairs Mornington Peninsula.
  • Death of the blue screen: The Blue Screen Death is a horrible issue on laptops. This can happen due to several distinct reasons. It can both be related to hardware and software problems. In a few cases, you can restart the laptop, while in some you cannot.

Following some of the methods outlined above should assist you in diagnosing the issues. You can even try approaching the virus removal Mornington Peninsula experts to get things fixed. Whether you use your laptop for work or entertainment, it makes sense to reach out to experienced professionals for a fast repair.

Things to Know About Your PC’s Components

In the event that you are not somebody who’s aware of the ins and outs of computers, to pick the right computer to buy may be quite difficult. Variations in pricing range a great deal, whilst the one subject you discover is the design and style of the desktop and the pc keyboard. Desktop specifications are necessary to know in case you need to put together an informative decision, nonetheless they require only a little background insights. Fortunately, it is not too complicated to get a broad knowledge of the most crucial pieces. Bear in mind that you have no need to get lost in acronyms and figures used to spell it out computers. The  following are the basics of computer specs you should be aware of:

  • The CPU

“CPU” is short for “central processing unit.” These components may be likened to the music director of an orchestra. It really is the little bit of your computer system that converts directions from computer software to the remainder of the computer system. It really is a vital piece, and there are a variety of terms within the component that you need to analyse. First, the clock speed relates to the price from which the CPU may do the function it must. Commonly the larger the number, the speedier the CPU. Then, you will see the design. Both AMD and Intel are most likely the only models you are going to notice, and each will come in various versions. Take notice of the design and inquire or explore about its definite functions.

  • The RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) relates to the approach to memory space that the computer uses to keep and make use of memory. RAM operates particularly with the central processor and is a vital little bit of mobile phones, personal computers, and the majority of processing machines. DRAM (the D is short for “dynamic”) is the variety of RAM most frequently made use of these days. This basically means that the system won’t lose memory whenever it is not linked to with power. RAM is determined in gigabytes, and you should look for a pc with 4 gigabyte at the very least, but  8 gigabyte is advised.

  • Hard Drive and Storage

Your disk drive is the actual component storing your material. Things such as word papers, pictures, tunes, preferences, and more are all kept on the disk drive. Hard disks come as conventional hard disks (HDD) or higher recently as solid state drives (SSD). For lots more about the distinction between the two hard disks view here. Additional or external hard drives can be obtained when your internal space starts to run out or feel the need certainly to actually back up your files. Data storage restrictions are no longer an issue with cloud based data back-up choices and additional hard disks easily obtainable.

  •  The Graphics Card

The graphics card within your computer can as well be cited as a GPU. It really is the portion of the computer that provides online information, converts it, as well as offers it in aesthetic format to the monitor. The higher-quality GPU, the improved your visual information will run. This is especially necessary for individuals who work greatly with visual design, video and photo editing.


PC specifications may appear to be complicated until you discover how they work with the computer. It really is also tough to know very well what you need in a pc. You will find that there are IT Services Mornington Peninsula available to you who are able to conveniently clear up any misunderstandings and help you make the proper purchase.

Reasons Why Refurbished Computers Are Ideal for School

Even though it is usually a good day for parents, students dread the trunk to school season. Luckily, just because there is homework and difficult exams, it really is made easier with friend groups and Friday night football games. One of the most difficult tasks for returning to school could be the shopping, particularly if you’re financially conscious. Do not fret in excess. That is where refurbished items come right into the scene. Listed here are some reasons refurbished desktop computers are your absolute best option for school.

Better for clumsy kids

Often there is the only kid in class who drops everything they own. In the event the child is it kid, look into refurbished laptops instead of completely new ones. Even though you wouldn’t like your youngster dropping what you purchase them, it certainly is only a little better to see something refurbished be dropped than a whole new laptop you spent a couple of paychecks on. Don’t be concerned, there are lots of choices when selecting a refurbished computer. You can also would you like to pick out a very good new protective covering when it comes to computer. It might be useful.

It’s a shorter commitment

Many kids are completely unsure of where they wish to go in life. Strangely enough, different career paths use different sorts of computers. A coder isn’t going to utilize the same computer as a graphic designer. By purchasing refurbished notebook computers, you may be purchasing a short-term commitment. That way, your youngster is not locked into a rather expensive computer for quite some time. Now you have a pc figured out, assist and encourage your youngster to locate the career path that meets them best.

Save Money

If you should be a student that is being forced to buy all your valuable own school equipment, including electronic devices, refurbished laptops will be the path to take. It can save you a huge selection of dollars and employ the saved money for any other supplies, school clothes, and groceries. We know saving cash takes immense stress off our shoulders, particularly if you’re independently working through life. Any little thing often helps over time.

Do not Compromise

When considering completely new desktops or laptops, we quite often need certainly to compromise everything we are seeking to fulfill our budgets. With refurbished items, you don’t need to compromise. Budgeting is not easy, but budgeting also does not usually have to mean giving up things our company is to locate. It simply takes little tricks and tips, like shopping refurbished items.

Ease the Pain of Theft

Just like accidentally damaging the laptop, we do not wish theft of items upon anyone. In identical token, specially when attending public schools and universities, theft is certainly much a chance. When selecting a refurbished laptop, you are not investing the maximum amount of money while you would with a whole new laptop. Whether or not it’s stolen, the general hit you are taking is a lot less.

All in all, refurbished computers are cheaper and are less of a commitment. You should look into refurbished desktop computers if you are all about cutting expenses yet still being able to operate a functioning computer.

At pcplanIT you can buy your own refurbished laptop. Ideal for a 2nd computer or a low cost starter unit, our refurbished systems are all thoroughly tested before leaving us. All of our refurbished units come with a 3 months return-to-base hardware warranty. All of our base units are also totally upgradeable so if you need more power, or more hard drive space, then just say the word!

pcplanIT is a locally owned independent Information Technology (IT) goods and computer repairs Mornington Peninsula provider, and is a leader in providing quality computer hardware, software, and networking solutions to businesses and homes on the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.

Understanding more About the Locky Virus and How to Prevent It

Lockys are essentially ransomware that encrypt files on the computer they infect. It is quite a destructive virus that encrypts any personal documents you have saved on your computer. It uses the RSA-2048 key (encryption algorithm) to do this, and appends this virus’ extension to the encrypted files, and there are many variants of this virus.
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